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Mike Bob.
16 March 2027 @ 09:52 pm

Hello dear,



Current Music: Flowers In The Window - Travis
Mike Bob.
15 August 2008 @ 05:16 pm

My 21st turned out a lot better than I thought. We met some guys from a band who were performing that night & they sang 'Hey Mickey' for me & gave me a shout out haha. They were a nice bunch. So many randoms were greeting me & shouting me drinks - it was great. There was a point when I just wanted to leave though because I just wasn't having a good time. I guess I just needed some air & needed to get away from everyone a while. Then some of us headed back to the hotel & just crashed. 

Also, Sigur Ros' show was the following night! That was probably the best show I've been to. Best because they weren't boring for a band who didn't hardly spoke to the crowd. They just have this aura =)

My new job is has been pretty good so far. The older women who have been with the store since.. pretty much the day I was born are really conservative & obviously don't like change, but are nonetheless lovely women. I'm a little surprised that everyone has been there for at least a year each & they still don't know their stuff, & by that I mean lacking in product knowledge. But it's less demanding than my previous job. I'm liking it though; I had low expectations. 

Oh, I also received a letter to be on the jury again but forgot about it & lost the letter. So today I was running around making phone calls & faxing documents so I can hopefully be exempted. Fingers crossed!

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